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Cutline/ Finger Jointer

OTC Timber sources FSC certified Plantation Radiata Pine timber from North Island forests. The timber is scanned and x-rayed to identify defects and to measure moisture content of the boards. An automated high speed sawbox then precisely removes unwanted defects to ensure minimum waste and maximum yield of clear high quality wood blocks (shook).

The shook is then loaded into a highly automated Finger Jointing machine into which the shook is sorted, stacked and then finger grooves are cut into them. OTC uses environmentally friendly polyurethane adhesive, this provides a tight bond between the shooks to produce the finger jointed boards used in the manufacture of our finished products. The finger jointed boards are regularly break tested for strength as part of our Quality Assurance Programme.”

Moulders/Planer Shed

OTC Timber’s fully qualified, highly experienced team of machinists use 2 industry leading Weinig moulders to produce a wide range of standard and custom profiles.

A strict quality assurance system ensures any defects are identified and removed so only the highest quality finished products are supplied. Profile knives are created and maintained in our on-site tool room using automated Weinig grinders.


Qualified Treatment plant operators treat the finished products to timber hazard class H3.1 as defined by NZS3640 in our on-site plant. A mix of treatment techniques using Light Organic Solvent Preservation (LOSP) ensures all profiles and timber types are treated to the required levels outlined in the relevant treatment standards.

Samples are tested in-house weekly and are also sent for independent lab analysis monthly to ensure correct levels of penetration and uptake are achieved. After treatment the timber is stacked in a covered well-ventilated area to flash off which allows the solvents to evaporate leaving the preservation chemicals locked in the wood fibres.

The Timber is then pre-primed with an industrial primer, ready to be installed on site and the finished coats of paint to be added.


Our finished products are sorted into ‘made to order’ packs which are securely wrapped and labelled for dispatch. All products and packs are labelled and packaged to suit the needs of the customer.

Products for local consumption are distributed to end users through national retailers and timber merchants.

Products for overseas markets are sent to Tauranga and Auckland ports for shipping.